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About Our Products

HoldZie Beverage Holder is designed to simplify your life and enhance your recreation or relaxation experience. 

With various options for customization, The Pocket version gives you the ability to never misplace your remote, phone, glasses or anything else in bed. It also comes with a clip to keep your charger cord from slipping away when your phone is charged and  another clip to hang a trash bag or other accessories. Welcome to the next level of home organization!


With our customized WineZie adapters, you can sip in the satisfaction of having your favorite glass of vino within reach at all times!

All versions of HoldZie feature easy Height adjustment and placement flexibility. HoldZie can sit on the floor under your couch or next to your chair on the patio. 


All HoldZie products are Proudly Molded in the U.S.A. 

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